Dynamatrix® EF Efflorescence Cleaner

Dynamatrix® EF Efflorescence Cleaner is an acidic based cleaner specifically designed to remove efflorescence, laitance and accumulated dirt deposits on Interlocking Concrete Pavers and Slabs. It effectively and evenly cleans the substrate without discoloring the surface colors or affecting the integrity of the pavers. With its ability to deeply clean the pores and capillaries of concrete, it prepares the surface for Dynamatrix® Protective Sealants to better penetrate and grip the surface.

Available Sizes:
    •   3.78L (1 US gal.)
    •   18.9L (5 US gal.)


    •   Removes efflorescence and mineral deposits
    •   Deeply cleans pores of the concrete
    •   Promotes a better adherence of the Protective Sealants
    •   Evens out the surface colors
    •   Removes tire dirt
    •   Works well on all concrete surfaces
    •   Readily Biodegradable
    •   Interlocking pavers
    •   Retaining walls
    •   Slabs
    •   Natural stone surfaces

Dynamatrix® EF Efflorescence Cleaner Full Technical Data Sheet