Dynamatrix® GR Graffiti Remover

Dynamatrix® GR Graffiti Remover is an extremely versatile cleaner specially designed to remove graffiti and stains from concrete and other surfaces. Its gel consistency allows for easy removal of stains on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is the best cleaner to use when you are faced with an unknown tough stain. Readily biodegradable and non corrosive, Dynamatrix® GR Graffiti Remover is part of our latest generation of products that are safer for our environment.

Available Sizes:
    •   0.946L (1 US qt.)
    •   18.9L (5 US gal.)


    •   Cleans paint over sprays
    •   Removes stains caused by permanent markers
    •   Evaporates slowly for better workability.
    •   Its gel formula allows easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.
    •   Contains no CFCs
    •   Not corrosive even on metals
    •   Compatible with most surfaces
    •   Readily Biodegradable
    •   Low toxicity
It can be used on a vast majority of surfaces such as:

    •   concrete
    •   masonry
    •   natural stones
    •   clay
    •   plastic
    •   fiberglass
    •   metals and steel
    •   aluminum and glass
    •   ...and even painted surfaces

Dynamatrix® GR Graffiti Remover Full Technical Data Sheet