Dynamatrix® HB1 Protective Sealant

Dynamatrix® HB1 Protective Sealant for Interlocking Pavers and Slabs is a high end Acrylic Sealant specifically designed to protect and enhance the look of Interlocking Concrete Pavers and Slabs. It penetrates deeply into the substrate for a maximum protection against most stains (oil, gasoline, gum, tar, rubber, rust, etc.) while rendering a clear wet look finish. Carefully blended with thermoplastic resins and refined solvents, Dynamatrix® HB1 Protective Sealant is suitable for use in all weather conditions. It will offer you a rich and durable finish that withstands heat, sun, salts, frost and all aggressive weather elements. It will not peel, delaminate or yellow.

Available Sizes:
    •   3.78L (1 US gal.)
    •   18.9L (5 US gal.)


    •   Adequate Solids Content for Interlocking Concrete Pavers (20%)
    •   Clear Wet Look Finish, enhances the colors of the treated surface
    •   Penetrates deeply for better and more durable protection against stains
    •   Reduces damages due to freeze-thaw cycles
    •   Resists all weather elements (sun, rain, frost, heat, salt ?etc.)
    •   Will not trap moisture
    •   Stabilizes the jointing sand
    •   Reduces moulds and moss growths and does not peel or yellow
It can be used on a vast majority of surfaces such as:

    •   Interlocking Concrete Pavers
    •   Stamped or Impressed Concrete
    •   Exposed Aggregate Surfaces

Dynamatrix® HB1 Protective Sealant Full Technical Data Sheet