DYNAMATRIX® WJ Polymeric Jointing Sand

DYNAMATRIX® WJ Polymeric Jointing Sand is a dry mixture of calibrated sands, polymers, binders and dedicated chemical controlling agents specifically designed to bind firmly and easily together in horizontal pavement joints. It is specially made for use in wider joints and in high traffic areas. Applied dry into the pavement joints, it will harden and stay in place after being wet.

Available Sizes:
    •   50 lb. bag (22.7 kg.)

Available Colors:
    •   Brown and Grey


    •   Contrary to regular sands, it stays firm, flexible & in place after wettings
    •   Ideal for Pavement Joints up to 3.2cm (1 1/4 in.)
    •   Ideal for use on sloped pavement
    •   Eliminates washouts of sand into pools
    •   Insures a better stability of the installed pavers
    •   Excellent for indoor use, allows vacuuming of the surface
    •   One time installation only, saves time and money
    •   Strongly diminishes weeds from growing
    •   Adapts to paver movements in all weather conditions
    •   Resists freeze-thaw cycles and repels insects
Dynamatrix® WJ Polymeric Jointing Sand should be used to fill pavement joints of Pavers, Slabs and Natural Stones installed on horizontal surfaces such as:

    •   driveways
    •   patios
    •   pool decks
    •   garden areas

Dynamatrix® RJ Polymeric Jointing Sand Full Technical Data Sheet